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  • Understand how to create results for you and your clients.

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Similar to how a t4t is an intensive for your body...



The MFR Coach's group program is an intensive for your business...




Meenakshi Singh

Heather is an amazing business and life coach. I did Private coaching with her for 12 weeks followed by group coaching . I can’t thank her enough for my success with my business . It is overwhelming to get started with business and she breaks it down and helps you on each and every step so you can start your business on a positive note and stay positive throughout the process . Once you start on the right foot it is going to yield the result you are looking for . As you can tell I am a very happy and satisfied client of hers and would recommend her to anyone who is stuck and want to go to the next level.

Valerie Cizek

I came to Heather scared to...quit my massage job, transition my private practice to MFR only, and did not have the confidence and wording to explain and sell MFR. 
I left my one-on-one coaching with Heather having...quit my massage job, the date set to transition my practice to MFR only, confidence to talk about and sell MFR.
I now have an MFR-only practice and am fully booked weeks out. This is where I am from working with Heather a.k.a. The MFR Coach. 

Jennifer Streeter

Heather is a fabulous business coach! She helped me navigate transforming my massage business to a fully MFR business, coaching me through the logistics, but more importantly encouraging me through the scary shifts that come with jumping into the unknown. If you're considering an MFR business, don't go through the process without her!

Getting fully booked is easy once you know how to sell MFR and have the confidence in your skillset to provide and talk about the results you can provide for your clients.


This isn’t a skill you learn at seminars.


You learn hands-on skills at seminars.


You learn business skills and confidence with The MFR Coach!


You are completely capable and equipped after MFR 1 to start doing MFR only.

I know it might seem like you are being kicked out of the nest and made to fly, and you are right.

But it doesn't have to be hard, overwhelming, or take a long time.


Treat your business like it matters and invest in developing your business skills as if the survival and thriving of your business depend on it.

The MFR Coach's Podcast

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Use this free guide to help educate your client's about what to expect with MFR treatments.

What is possible?

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If you haven’t yet created a fully-booked MFR business, one, some or ALL of these things are happening:


1) you think everyone else can do it but you

2)  you haven’t been exposed to the leadership skills required to step into CEO energy

3) You have the same fear of success as you do of failure

4) you have no desire to sell MFR because you think it means you’re salesy

5) you don't believe you can create a sustainable business.

You don’t learn these skills at seminars.


That’s what I’m here for.

What you think will take you YEARS to create, could be 90 days away


You can skip the struggle, hustle, and a lot of trial and error to finally get fully booked, MFR-Only, and make the money you want to make.


I’ll show you how.



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 Work with the only Certified Life and Business Coach working exclusively with MFR Therapists. 


I know the nuts and bolts of the MFR business, and I will teach you how to think like the Boss of your practice so you can create the lifestyle you want to live.

  • Work the hours you want to work.
  • Lead and guide your patients to their best results
  • Confidently talk to and treat your MFR patients 
  • Apply the tools you will learn to everything in your business and your life to improve how you feel, think, and interact within your business and your life.
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The MFR Coach's Podcast

New Episodes weekly. Listen for free on your favorite podcast platform.

Free Download

Use this free guide to help educate your client's about what to expect with MFR treatments.

What is possible?

Want to work even more intensely on your MFR Practice? Schedule an interview today to see if you are a good fit for private coaching.

Buy the Book

Order your copy from Amazon.

Gina Malloy, MFR Therapist

I began working with Heather as my MFR Coach in October 2020 and she was so valuable to me, I decided to hire her again for another 12 weeks!

I can say without a doubt that I would not have been able to build my MFR business if it wasn’t for Heather’s expert guidance and knowledge. Heather helped me to establish and prioritize the initial steps to starting my practice. She helped me to legitimize my practice by introducing me to online documentation, scheduling, billing, and payment site which presents a professional and cohesive appearance to my clients.

Heather challenged me to assess my current fee structure and to be bold enough to increase my rates to reflect my worth as an MFR Practitioner and to thoughtfully consider what income I needed to support my personal and professional goals.

Heather taught me to be a proactive leader in managing my clients. She encouraged me to educate them regarding what is possible with MFR. She emphasized the importance of discussing a realistic plan of care in terms of frequency and number of visits which has resulted in higher rates of rebooking and growth of my practice.

Heather helped me to identify the self-sabotaging thoughts I had about my ability to build a successful MFR practice. She gave me tools to shift these thoughts into more positive action steps and to achieve the results I desired for my business.

Heather gently nudged me to give myself permission to let go of my previous Physical Therapy Neuro practice to follow my dream of becoming an MFR Practitioner. She helped me to transform from an MFR “Wannabe” to a belief that I am an MFR therapist.

My decision to hire Heather as my MFR Coach was one of the best investments I have ever made in my professional career. This investment was not only the beginning of a new business for me but also a blueprint for the continued growth and success of my practice. Book a consultation with Heather today and see what’s possible!