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Hi, I'm Heather

I help therapists switch to MFR only practices after they have had John Barnes training.

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Benefits of hiring a business coach

Expert Eyes

Expert eyes on your practice.

I can easily spot where you can do something easier or more efficient and point out where you can change or modify simple things that will have a big impact on your business. 


Deal With Pain Points

Money, Time, Systems, Relationships

I will guide you through these issues and they might even become your favorite things!




A plan customized for you and your business so you can take action towards your goals. We will spend time making your business the most fun and least stressful part of your life.

Do you know who your ideal client is and how to speak to them?

Do you know how to sell the outcome of your service verses the method?

Coaching with me will help you:

Understand who your ideal client is and where to find them.

Learn how to speak directly to them.

Become visible so your ideal client can find you.

Learn how to sell the outcome of Myofascial Release.

Clients are interested in themselves and what they are going to get from buying from you.


Build confidence in your ability to help your clients. 

Build confidence in your rates.

Build confidence in your ability to make decisions.

"Since talking with you, taking my future goals into a complete 180. Much more excited about this then insurance 😂 I realize I was allowing fear to dictate my future assuming the only way to survive and weather the pandemic was going down insurance route to guarantee work."

MFR Therapist

" In a time of drastic uncertainty when survival mechanisms take the wheel and drive in high gear on the twisty lap track; Heather's coaching skills provided a calming and nurturing recipe of wisdom, guidance, and practical feedback laced with intuition and genuine care/concern/love that helped me remember the "whole enchilada" that I came here to be. I feel more centered and grounded in choosing my next steps to achieving what this time of uncertainty is presenting. Thank you from every cell of my heart Heather!!!"

Wendy O
MFR Therapist

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