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Welcome to The MFR Coach's Page!

I help you:

  • Get Fully Booked
  • Create confidence 
  • Make Happy Money
  • Love what you do at work 
  • Understand how to create results for you and your clients.

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The Next Group Starts In January! 

Similar to how a t4t is an intensive for your body...



The MFR Coach's  program is an intensive for your business...



Are you fully booked?


Are you making the amount of money you want?


Are you working the hours you want to be working?


Are you having fun?


Let's work together!

Getting fully booked is easy once you know how to sell MFR and have the confidence in your skill set to provide and talk about the results you can provide for your clients.


This isn’t a skill you learn at seminars.


You learn hands-on skills at seminars.


You learn business skills and confidence with The MFR Coach!


You are completely capable and equipped after MFR 1 to start doing MFR only.

I know it might seem like you are being kicked out of the nest and made to fly, and you are right.

But it doesn't have to be hard, overwhelming or take a long time.


Treat your business like it matters and invest in developing your business skills.

Talk to Heather

The MFR Coach's Podcast

New Episodes weekly. Listen for free on your favorite podcast platform.

Free Download

Use this free guide to help educate your client's about what to expect with MFR treatments.

What is possible?

Find out exactly what working with Heather costs and what is possible for your business.

Signed Copy of the Book

Order your signed copy of the MFR COACH'S Guide.

Many will try and most will fail because:


1)  they lack confidence 

2)  they lack the leadership skills

3) the skill set to sell MFR to their clients.

4) they don't believe they can actually create a sustainable business.


Many will also succeed. But their success will come from struggle, hussle, and a lot of trial and error to finally get fully booked, to only do MFR and to make the money they want to make.


You can skip the struggle, hussle, and trial and error.

See What is Possible

Business is simple...


It's Math...


It's Drama (mostly mind drama)...


It's making decisions and failing forward towards your very specific goals...


The thing is none of this has to take very long. You can learn everything you need to build and fortify your MFR business in 12 weeks and be applying it the entire time.


Working with the MFR Coach is an intensive program designed to take you from under booked and underpaid to fully booked and making money... 


I can show you how and you can do it too! Even if you live in a tiny town, practice out of your home, and don’t feel confident right now.


All you need to do is decide you are ready for a radical change.


Decide you are ready for what is possible in your MFR business.


You bring me your drama. You bring me all of your confusion and overwhelm.


I’ll bring my coaching skills, my 10 years of building an MFR business from the ground up, and my simple steps to follow to create the rebooking machine your business can be. 


We will also tackle that brain of yours and make sure that it works for you from now on instead of keeping you stuck.

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You think you need a plan. 


A blueprint. 


A flowchart to follow.


That’s what everyone thinks. 


Tell me the steps. I will follow them...


When you go to seminars, you’ve been in the audience when hands fly in the air desperately wanting to know the order of operations and the formula for proving the perfect MFR treatment only to be told there is no such thing.


John quickly lets us know there is no recipe. 


You get to make it up!?! 


This always sends a certain amount of people into a confused tailspin…


Work With Heather

If I just find out the secret I will finally be successful...


You’ve likely bought programs and step by step flow charts for the nuts and bolts of business.


That’s great!


Some of that is necessary for business like knowing what insurance you need, rules, regulations...The boring stuff. 


Trust me though, your first order of business is not creating a sales funnel, a freebie, a lead magnet or a fancy website...



Let's start with what is going on in your mind?


I want to know everything you are thinking and what that is creating for you. How it’s keeping you stuck and how it’s holding you back.


Did you know that what you are thinking actually creates your results?!?


Are you fully booked?


If not, what are your thoughts about being fully booked?


If you are, what are your thoughts?


Are you working hours you love and enjoy?


If not, what are you thinking about your schedule?


Do you charge for the value of the results you provide with MFR?


If not what are you thinking about your ability to charge more?


Talk to Heather

Hire The MFR Coach and get serious about your MFR Business!


I am a life and business coach who only works for MFR therapists. I know the nuts and bolts of MFR business and I also know how to teach you thought work so you can use it to:


  • Create a fully booked schedule 
  • Set prices to support the lifestyle you want to live
  • Work the hours you want to work
  • Lead and guide your patients to their best results
  • Confidently talk to and treat your MFR patients 
  • Apply all of this to your life outside of work any improved relationships with yourself, your loved ones, and your friends.


Start Today

The MFR Coach's Podcast

New Episodes weekly. Listen for free on your favorite podcast platform.

Free Download

Use this free guide to help educate your client's about what to expect with MFR treatments.

What is possible?

Find out exactly what working with Heather costs and what is possible for your business.

Signed Copy of the Book

Order your signed copy of the MFR COACH'S Guide.

Rachel Pecora, MFR Therapist

Heather has helped me accelerate my business in just a few weeks! 

She helped me build confidence in the MFR skills I currently have and helped me realize I can be an expert without knowing everything right now. 

She helped me double my rates and coached me on how to navigate those changes without worrying about what others were going to think. 

I brought in more money last month than I ever have in my life! She has helped me fully transition my massage practice to myofascial release only. 

I have changed my mindset about all of the limitations I placed on myself and my business because of the coaching and guidance from Heather. 

If you feel like you need help on how to navigate changes in your MFR business, work with Heather...it will be the best investment you can make in your business!!

Gina Malloy, MFR Therapist

I began working with Heather as my MFR Coach in October, 2020 and she was so valuable to me, I decided to hire her again for another 12 weeks!

I can say without a doubt that I would not have been able to build my MFR business if it wasn’t for Heather’s expert guidance and knowledge. Heather helped me to establish and prioritize the initial steps to starting my practice. She helped me to legitimize my practice by introducing me to an online documentation, scheduling, billing, and payment site which presents a professional and cohesive appearance to my clients.

Heather challenged me to assess my current fee structure and to be bold enough to increase my rates to reflect my worth as an MFR Practitioner and to thoughtfully consider what income I needed to support my personal and professional goals.

Heather taught me to be a proactive leader in managing my clients. She encouraged me to educate them regarding what is possible with MFR. She emphasized the importance of discussing a realistic plan of care in terms of frequency and number of visits which has resulted in higher rates of rebooking and growth of my practice.

Heather helped me to identify the self-sabotaging thoughts I had about my ability to build a successful MFR practice. She gave me tools to shift these thoughts into more positive action steps and to achieve the results I desired for my business.

Heather gently nudged me to give myself permission to let go of my previous Physical Therapy Neuro practice to follow my dream of becoming an MFR Practitioner. She helped me to transform from an MFR “Wannabe” to a belief that I am an MFR therapist.

My decision to hire Heather as my MFR Coach was one of the best investments I have ever made in my professional career. This investment was not only the beginning of a new business for me, but also a blueprint for the continued growth and success of my practice. Book a consultation with Heather today and see what’s possible!


Work With Heather